If you need help in sourcing Home, Lifestyle and Fashion products from dependable suppliers/factories,

  • Home Products

  • Furniture, Home décor, Home furnishings, Carpets, Decorative Lamps, Mirrors, Wall Décor, Clocks, Candle holders, Christmas décor, Reproduction of Old or Antique Furniture and Items, we can assist you.

  • Fashion

  • Fashionable and Trendy Clothes/ Garments, Fashion Accessories, Stoles, Scarves, Hand Bags, Jewellery, Footwear, and related accessories.

If you have limited budget and you want to buy any item at a target price, we will find the right manufacturer who can produce to your requirements.
Through our Digital Sourcing Platform, we will evaluate the product, required quantity and delivery. If the product can be manufactured, we will float your requirement to the qualified factories listed on our panel of qualifies suppliers.
From the response received we will suggest you 3 best factories and their offer on price and delivery on the item you want to get produced/manufactured. These factories will be from our panel of evaluated and qualified factories who have the capabilities to manufacture and supply your requirement. You have the liberty to work directly with the factories or use our services through our Digital Sourcing Platformto help you with,
Sampling, Costing, Production Management, Quality Control, Packaging, Labelling and Markings, Transport, Warehousing, Consolidation and Shipping.
Register here to explore our Digital Sourcing Platformto get the best options for getting your item manufactured from a qualified and dependable supplier/factory at the lowest cost.