Product Development

Product Development

If you want to get any product developed we can be of assistance, we can help you create and sample the following items:
Fashion Accessories:

  1. Hand Bags

  2. Scarves

  3. Stoles

  4. Footwear

  5. Fashion Jewellery

  6. Silver & Gold Jewellery



  1. Woven Fabrics

  2. Printed Fabrics

  3. Embellished/Embroidered Fabrics

  4. Garments for Men, Women and Kids

  5. Home Furnishings

  6. Cushions

  7. Curtains

  8. Bed Linen

  9. Kitchen Linen

  10. Carpets & Floor Covering


  1. Furniture

  2. Lamps

  3. Storage

  4. Candle Holders

  5. Trays

  6. Bowls

  7. Outdoor

  8. Statues & Figurines

  9. Wall Decor

  10. Outdoor Furniture & Decor

On our panel of suppliers and service providers we have qualified facilities/manufacturing units for different raw materials to help you sample or develop an item or product to your specifications.
We will help you design and create the item you want. If you have a design we will work with it or else help you with designing it too by sketches, CAD etc. We will help you choose the best or the most suited raw material, as per requirement we will get the mold or the die made for item. If it is textile we can source the yarn to make the fabric or find the cloth if you want to get any garments or home furnishings made.
In case of tight or limited budget, we can help you to rework the raw material, construction, consumption and any other unnecessary costs to work-out an acceptable cost.
We can also work out the packaging, labelling, tagging, hang tags or sticker labels. We can also provide gift packaging.
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