Factory/Supplier Authentication/Evaluation

Factory/Supplier Authentication/Evaluation

All the customers want to work/partner with a qualified, dependable and reliable supplier. It is important to check and evaluate any new supplier/vendor/factory before placing your order or signing a contract with the supplier. It is important that both the parties, buyer and seller, can be assured that the supplier/factory meets all the specifications of the buyer and both understand each other’s requirements.
Through our Digital Sourcing Platform, we gather the necessary information,

  1. Capability and Qualification

  2. Manufacturing Processes and Quality Systems

  3. Social Accountability

The evaluation can be basic or comprehensive.


Basic Report:
We will provide you a report on the authenticity of a supplier/factory/vendor you are or considering working with. We will check their credentials, place of work, verify the address, their management, their current operational status.
Comprehensive Report:
In this report we will also provide you a complete evaluation report regarding their total area, no. of employees, working conditions & facilities, machinery installed, management system, manufacturing processes, quality control systems. As well as Social Accountability compliance for their Labour, Health & Safety and Environmental practices and check if all necessary certificates and licenses are in place.
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